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Sustaining Malaysia’s IPO market

Feb 21 • 58 Views • No Comments

The Bursa Malaysia became the world’s fourth-largest IPO market in 2012 – up from 12th place a year earlier. Will the exchange continue to grow, or will its recent...

Boom or bust? The future of Asian bonds

Asia’s bond market almost doubled for 2012, particularly in the corporate space. What does the market hold for ...

Jan 12 • 36 Views

Economy Economy

Communism, corruption and cheap labour – The same old Vietnam

Jan 6 • 153 Views • Comments Off

Analysts from all corners of the world are predicting another bumper year for the Vietnamese economy. And, while the last few years have seen the nation’s growth story...

Six reasons to invest in Chinese real estate

For some time, Sino-economists from all corners of the word have predicted the fall of China’s real estate market....

Mar 5 • 62 Views

Trade & supply chain Trade & supply chain

Bridging the gap – Financing the supply chain in Asia’s frontier economies

Nov 4 • 63 Views • No Comments

Supply chain financing has witnessed colossal growth over the last half-decade. Yet, while Asia’s established economies present opportunities for increased usage,...

Stepping up – East Asia’s export credit agencies take on global trade

Efforts made by the export credit agencies of Japan, South Korea and China have led to greater market share of East Asian products...

Jun 4 • 42 Views

Technology Technology

Cloud computing explained

Jan 5 • 55 Views • No Comments

Cloud computing has been a buzzword in IT circles since the late 2000s. However, what is known about this subject area by those not directly employed in the IT space is...

Mobile enterprise – The end of IT security?

A decade ago, mobile access was limited to senior management whose roles were seen as mission-critical. Today,...

Jan 5 • 45 Views

Strategy Strategy

Three radical interview tests for prospective leaders

Jan 5 • 73 Views • 1 Comment

There are two parts to the saying ‘Talk-the-talk and walk-the-walk’. Unfortunately, most interviewees have a habit of delivering on the first part but who fail...

Why Japanese brands are today second-best

For those of us old enough to remember, cast your thoughts back to the 1980s when Japanese household goods – particularly consumer...

Oct 5 • 60 Views

Infrastructure Infrastructure

Winds of change – China’s life insurance market

Jul 31 • 45 Views • No Comments

China’s life insurance market has experienced high growth over the last decade, but it has not been without challenges...

How to solve an energy problem like India’s

In less than 12 months, India will have staged the 2014 general election. At the moment it is difficult to gauge which...

Jul 28 • 45 Views